A Blog Relaunch 

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Making the decision to create and launch my very own website was/is probably my hardest personal decision. Even after successfully buying the domain and hosting, I felt stuck for the first two weeks. Mostly because it’s one thing to fail at something when you’ve not really committed yourself and pretty much no one knows you. And it’s a different and essentially more hurtful ball game to fail at something after committing yourself and biting the bullet. However, like I’ll always say:

  ‘What’s Life Without A Little Risktaking?’

If you’ve been following my social media accounts for a while then you’ll probably have noticed my change and growth in the less than a year I’ve been online, most especially the name change from ‘quirksandoutfits‘ to ‘vincentdesmond‘. The name change met with a lot of people saying it was a wrong move as an online brand but the reason I stuck with the name and also adopted it as the name of my website is quite simple: I felt like while quirksandoutfits was a great name, it didn’t quite express how I wanted my website and brand to be perceived. And using my name gives me the feeling that this online space is truly and totally mine to do with as I please and express myself in totality.

Welcome To Vincent

I’ll like to first of all say, Welcome to Vincent – an online platform to share my personal style, faith, lifestyle and life in a city in Nigeria that doesn’t quite get enough online credit.

Here are a few things you should probably  know about Vincent

Content: I plan on creating and curating content focused on Fashion, Lifestyle,  Port Harcourt Living, grooming and faith all based on my experiences and perspective.

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Schedule: I’ll hopefully have a new post up every Monday and Thursday. While I personally want to be posting thrice weekly or more but Twice weekly is probably the only way I’ll be able to have quality content up without having to constantly apologize for missing my posting days.

Affiliate/ Shopping Links: While I don’t shop online regularly and mostly only do so when it’s being paid by mum or it’s my only chance at a particular item, I’ll be adding these links to make it easier for you to shop pieces or products I wear and review respectively if you like them so much.

Brands: I’m putting this out there for both my readers and brands out there that while I am open to working with Brands and will take compensation for posts and Social media ads I will only take deals that fit my brand’s aesthetics, I will reject and accept collaborations from brands as I see fit, and every post with sponsored content will be marked with an asterisk (*) and/or will have a disclaimer at the bottom or top of the post.

I’m extremely glad and excited  i’ve gotten to this place in my creative journey and I’m even more excited for what the future holds for my brand and content. And I’m certain I would never have gotten here if it hadn’t been God, you amazing people who stayed engaged to my content, my few but amazing friends who make me feel like I can do anything especially Collins.

Thank you and welcome, I promise it’s going to be an amazing journey. So help me God.

What do you guys think of the name change? And what sort of content would you guys like to see from me? 

23 thoughts on “A Blog Relaunch ”

  1. Congrats Vincent!

    First of all, I love your name change. Honestly, I used to struggle to search for your other name, lol. Your name is way cooler and creates a better identity.

    I can attest to your growth on social media and blogging. But one thing I’ll tell you is to keep staying true to yourself. Don’t try to be anyone else and you’ll flourish.

    I would definitely love to see Port Harcourt living posts, someone really needs to start showing Port Harcourt! Oh yeah! and faith too, please share your journey with us, let’s all look out for each other.

    My blog has been on hold too for a while now but I’m launching mid-November. I can totally relate to your launching struggle. I hope to do better this time and fight my consistency battle till I win.

    All the best Vincent! We would definitely collaborate when I come to Port Harcourt in Christmas! Hope I fit into your brand’s voice lol.

    Tonye of
    IG: TheBlackWriter

  2. This is beautiful! Congrats on the blog relaunch.Getting a domain is one goal every blogger hopes to achieve. The change of name is great, naming your blog after your name is the best option for me. Well, the kind of content you listed is just perfect, especially the lifestyle part, we wanna know what’s going on with you and how you get through with issues.

  3. Making changes and crossing new hurdles are always challenging but it’s great when you don’t overthink it and just do it! Congratulations Vincent! This is only the beginning. Looking forward to the amazing content you’ve got up your sleeves. I’ll really miss “Quirks and Outfits” but with time this change will grow on us.
    Once again, Welcome to the Self Hosted Gang!!!

  4. The new blog is great. I definitely love the name change. I was also thinking of renaming my blog as I think MyFashionMusings is a tad restrictive. But that is still in the works anyway. The theme is also really simple and beautiful.

  5. Congrats Vincent! Not only are you the only person i know named Vincent, i agree that using your name over social media appears much more professional as well as personal. I’m excited for you and all the things this new domain will afford you. I have so many questions too, but I’ll jump into your PM’s/DM’s to ask it (one day, I’ll have courage). Keep soaring!

    1. Lol. Please feel free to ask me whatever whenever. I agree with that sentiment. I’m really the only person you know named Vincent? Wow. Thanks for stopping by dear

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