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My Three Favorite Photo Editing Apps

One of the things being a blogger and a content creator has changed is how I think of visual content. I’ve always known writing was an artistic process that takes time more often than not – depending on the writer, but I’ve always thought breathtaking pictures just randomly came to be. I didn’t realize that photographers had to go on their knees and arch their backs just to get a picture perfect or that they could spend hours editing a picture just to get dust out, or to get the right ambience. While I’m not a photographer, owning this space of the internet and a determination to put out the best visual content I can has made me try a lot of photography hacks and photo editing apps and in today’s post. I’ll be sharing with you guys my three favorite photography apps, why I love them and how I use them.

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I store all my apps in different folders so my homescreen isn’t jam-packed. My photography apps are in a little folder called ‘Werk That Instagram’ (I’m extra like that) and the apps I use are VSCO Cam, Airbrush and Snapseed.


I think VSCO is the most popular mobile  phone editing app out there, and I used to be confused for a long time because I always felt It was overrated and that the filters were crap but after playing with the filters and understanding that the filters work differently depending on the lighting of the picture I’ve been a huge fan of VSCO. VSCO comes with several free presets filters already downloaded and some you’ll have to download yourself and some you’ll have to buy. But don’t worry they are are quite affordable and the free filters are also quite bomb. I almost always use the Filters Hb1 and Hb2 as they work really well with my Instagram theme and make whites whiter and also make the picture look cooler – temperature wise.

Here’s a little demonstration:

The Raw Picture (I Used Snapseed to increase the Brightness and increase it’s exposure before exporting to VSCO Cam) 

Android Photography. VSCO Cam


How I edit my instagram pictures. How I edit my blog pictures

Before Exporting To VSCO (Only edit done was cropping and increase the brightness)

      VSCO Filter Hb2 Increased to 8.3


If you follow me on Instagram (IG@vincentdesmond_), you’ll notice that I have a sort of white feed going on and while I generally take my pictures against white backgrounds, Airbrush really helps make the whites whiter and helps remove colours from overly saturated spots – with the whitening tool. Aviary also has this whitening tool but I personally don’t like how the pictures look after editing with Aviary’s whitening tool, Facetune also has this tool but it is not a free app and I sadly can’t buy this App from the Store because my Nigerian Naira Card is still being declined. But Airbrush does the job very well so I’m not worried:

      This Is the Picture Without Editing 

              After Only Being Whitened

                     Raw Picture

                   After being whitened.

Snapseed has been my favorite photography app for a long time because it is an all-rounder from its tuning options, to its filters, to the Healing Option (which allows you easily get rid of unwanted objects in a picture by wiping it with your fingers) and it’s selective option which allows you edit a particular portion of the picture without affecting the whole picture:


Brightness Increased to 40, Saturation To Twenty and Warmth Increased To Ten.

      Notice the discrepancy in the edges?

   Using the Healing Option, all I had to do is wipe that area with my finger and it’s gone. 

In general, these three apps play different functions and I turn to them for different reasons.When it comes to photography, the key is generally taking a good picture with great composition and lighting. Every other thing can be edited out.

I hope this post is helpful, do leave a comment if you’ll like more posts like this and follow me on Instagram @vincentdesmond_

25 thoughts on “My Three Favorite Photo Editing Apps”

  1. This is awesome!!! Thank you for actually explaining the apps and how you use them… Might’ve taken me a while to figure it out😫😫. Off to download them now!

  2. hmm, i’ve never used the vsco editing option, I just love how minimalist the app is. I’ll go back to it soon. I just use my iphone preset themes, especially with the new ios, it’s awesome for taking pictures, then I use instagram to mess it right a bit, but i’ll definitely check out vsco.

  3. This post was certainly very helpful. Will try something with Snapseed now. Haha I like how extra that folder is, my folder’s named Photography *yawn*

  4. I heard so much about Vsco so I eventually got it. I love the cool filters. It really steps up pictures. As for snapspeed never tried it before not hold on I downloaded it but couldn’t really figure out how to totally whiten pictures. Also felt other apps like Picsart do an already good job.

    Princess Audu

    1. I’ve never used Camera 360 for actual photo editing. But I’ll check it out and I’m glad to be of help! Thanks for reading and I’ve checked the post already!

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