Work With Me



I really appreciate you taking out time to check out this little space of the internet that belongs to me and going the extra step to take an interest in collaborating and working with me. 

My website has a steadily growing audience with majority coming from Nigeria, The European Union, The United States, South Africa, Canada and so many more. I’m open to working and partnering with companies and brands that fit my  brand’s aesthetics and niche: I accept products for reviews but please note I always state in the beginning and/or end of the post if it is a PR gift or a Sponsored Post, also they will be marked with an asterisk (*). Also note, I’ll always give my honest opinion on said product and won’t sway one side or the other for any reason. 

I also offer side bar ad placements, social media mentions and I accept articles written by you (however subject to changes by me)  that fit my niche and honestly there’s so much room for us to create magic and for me to do a good deed and spread joy and laughter by bringing to limelight amazing and diverse brands to the equally amazing and diverse people who read my blog. 

Simply send an email to my manager (I kid, it’s just me) or fill out this contact form and let’s get started.


Instagram: @vincentdesmond_