Current Favorites || January ’18

Dear Stylish Nerd,

I’m currently seated in a class awaiting my lecturer while housing a deep seated conviction that everyone in my department hates me and there is some sort of plan against me, no I’m not being paranoid, it genuinely seems so. However,  I’m not letting anything prevent me from being in the best of moods as the end of January draws near because that means it’s almost pay day and that February is already here and I have amazing plans and content already drafted out just waiting.

But before we end the month, I decided it was a good idea to let you guys into my life and what better way to do that than share some things I absolutely loved in January.

So here we go:

1) Glasses

I won’t even pretend I’m not obsessed with glasses. I’ve bought several just this month however my absolute favorite is the one photographed above, it gives me vibes! It is particularly simplistic yet stylish which is honestly what I’m all about this year.
2) Zara Oversized Sweater 

I thrifted this sweater sometime really early this month and ever since then I wear it literally every opportunity I get. I love how the sleeves envelope my palm, the length, the feel on my skin and how affordable it was since I got it for #600.

3) My Instagram Feed Aesthetics 

Permit me to be a bit vain but I’m actually in love with my Instagram feed right now. I’ve been wanting to try out a darker and more moody Instagram feed since forever but I finally took the leap on the 31st of December 2017 and I’m particularly glad especially since my Instagram contents and pictures  are all mine.

4) Freshly Made Popcorn 

My absolute favorite part of studying in the University of Port Harcourt is the fact that there is literally Popcorn everywhere! There’s a spot right opposite my lecture hall and whenever I spy that a new batch has been made I always rush to get myself some.

5) Waking Up Early 

Okay let me be honest, I (Insert curse word here. Pardon my French)  hate waking up early. I hate waking up early with every fiber of my absolutely fabulous being, because those wee hours of the morning are perfect for sleeping. And this month I have woken up early literally everyday (Including Saturdays and Sundays because I have morning classes and church respectively) but I have a grudging ‘love’ for It because it makes me feel grown up and I know it is necessary to wake up early especially when you have so much to do and be

6) DIY Ripped Jeans 

I actually ripped this pair of jeans sometime last year and I loved it then but I somehow forgot about it and it was wasting away in my wardrobe but I found it last weekend in my wardrobe and I’ve already worn it twice!

7) Charcoal Face Mask

Nowadays I’ve been so busy that I barely have anytime to try out new products (Hence my lack of product reviews) so I’ve been using my old routine but now I’m consistently replacing my Papaya Face Mask with this Charcoal Face Mask because it feels amazing and effective. Since I still can’t afford steady Spa visits, staying at home listening to Beyoncé with a face mask on my face is a perfect substitute.

So these are some of my favorite things (the only thing missing here is a picture of Beyoncé because if I start talking about her it will require a whole new blog post) and as this month come to an end I’m focusing more on things I love and enjoy like creating great content for you guys meaning February is going to be rad. So do me a favor and leave a comment what you’ll love to see more of on my blog and what some of your current favorite things are. 

4 thoughts on “Current Favorites || January ’18”

  1. Awesome read, it so obvious you love glasses it all over your instagram feed which I love BTW. I am trying this instagram feed too and I am loving it. Thanks I enjoyed your post.

  2. LMAO. Please 2018 hasn’t started for me. It’s starting February because this month has just be so stressful because of school. I have actually been drafting a mental note on how-to to you to send that sweater to me. It’s so beautiful. Your feed is goals!! Truly goals. Haven’t even had time for facials this year but I ordered some products last night. Hopefully, I’ll have time for them.


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