Current Favorites || November 

Hey guys,

How was your weekend? Mine was great! And I hope yours was too.

There’s a little song that goes ‘count your blessings, name them one by one. Count your blessings see what God has done’ i believe almost every child raised in a Christian home knows the song. When I was younger I merely knew the tune and lyrics, but now I know the meaning. Counting and focusing on your blessings and the good things of your life is a sure fire way of living your best life, being genuinely happy and of course triggering God’s blessings.

So I decided in today’s post as it is the beginning of a new week rather than feel Monday blues I’m going to be going through some of the things I’m loving recently so as to trigger the blessings coming my way:


Kurt Cobain Glasses Look Alike. Nigerian Fashion Blogger. Flatlay

1) White Framed Glasses:  Every one on my instagram has been slaying in Kurt Cobain glasses and while I love the slayage my main problem is that I love -hate Kurt Cobain glasses, it seems like the kind of thing you’ll love this morning and hate the other. So instead I bought this one and I honestly prefer it. However, I’m still going to buy the Kurt Cobain glasses. After its no longer a trend.

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2) Vintage Neckpiece : Definitely my absolute favorite thing. If you follow me on Instagram (@vincentdesmond_) you would have seen it featured on so many flatlays and featured on my Instagram stories and in this outfit post. That’s how much I love it. I think what I adore about it is the fact it gives a whole other vibe to an outfit and it’s definitely a step towards my goal to start accessorizing more.

3) Blue Shoes: My special attachment to these shoes is actually because my mum was the one who gifted it to me. Plus I love the shade of blue it is! And I think it is a wardrobe essential because no matter how much we love it, we can’t wear black everyday.


4) Face To Face Facial Peel Off Mask: This is more of a 2o17 Favorites than a monthly favorites to be honest, I love the fact that it is very affordable and still extremely effective. I think I can fully say that it’s now a permanent feature in my skin care routine despite the fact that I’m very much into experimenting, I know this is the one. Haha.

5) Cici Glam Konjac Sponge*: You know how I said in this post that it blew my expectations off the park?  Well, I’m here to say it still is! I haven’t been using it consistently but i can tell you it’s definitely working it’s magic.


6) New Phone:  A few weeks back, I was to intern at the Heineken Lagos Fashion and Design Week but I sadly couldn’t make it and I was extremely sad. However, I quickly got up and went to get my self something new because there’s this giddiness and excitement that comes from shopping for something new (who else is with me?), plus I needed to invest in myself every now and then and you should too.
So that’s it for this month, I honestly feel happy after focusing on the things that make me happy and I think you should try and do that this week and trust me you’ll be glad you did.

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What are you loving lately? And how was your weekend? 

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