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Five Things To Do In The University Of Port Harcourt 

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I’ve been so ill lately that I’ve not even had the motivation to open up my dashboard and school hasn’t quite being a walk in the park (Frankly speaking, Uniport makes standing in front of a moving vehicle sound very interesting and calming) but I decided I had to put up this post today no matter what.

Despite how awful and stressful and annoying Uniport (The University of Port Harcourt) is, it definitely has some redeeming qualities and in today’s post I’ll be sharing some of them as well as my top five things to do in Uniport:

1. Eat Street-Food (Puff-Puff) 

If you don’t know then you should know this right now – I’m a certified foodie and I have no plan whatsoever to stop being one anytime soon but rather expand my food horizon. Lol. And street food and pastries are extremely inexpensive and ergo the perfect way to satisfy my cravings without breaking the bank (Even though it’s draining my savings). There’s this particular spot just by the school fence that makes the perfect greasiest pieces ever!! 

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2. Eat In Mama Abuja

Like I said, I’m a foodie. Mama Abuja is this little sort of canteen where they make rice, stew, beans and the works and I’ve been eating here for about a year without complaints because the food is always tasty and in great portions. I ate there yesterday and it was as perfect as ever however I got told that the minimum price of the food is now #250, but don’t be alarmed the portion is worth it! 

3. Go Thrift Shopping 

From jeans to vintage shirts to dungarees to just about anything is found in the stores (I’ll call them stores because I can’t think of a better name) around. And at the absolute best prices, if you can be patient to rummage a bit and beat the prices down. 

Tip: The price they’ll call is at least three times the actual price so divide the first price into five and be stubborn.

4 & 5. Get On The Uniport Shuttle and Feed Your Eyes On The Eye-Candy

Honestly, except you came in your personal car you will get on the Campus Shuttle personally I really really love being in a car or bus or anything because I usually sleep off and feel very relaxed but in Uniport I’m always wide awake and my eyes darting everywhere because the students are so finnnne! Frankly, watching students is an activity of it’s own and one I hundred percent think you should try. 

Hopefully when next you are in the University of Port Harcourt you’ll try these five things.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed this post and if you are in a University leave a comment on the best thing to do in your University to have fun.

5 thoughts on “Five Things To Do In The University Of Port Harcourt ”

  1. Hahaha… I found this post very interesting.

    For someone that lives in port Harcourt, I’ve visited Uniport once and all I did was go to Abuja park and the boy’s hostel…finish😥. The people I went to see were not even kind enough to show me around…Sighs.😖

    All though I had quite an interesting experience when I was coming to the hostel, I was told to pick a bus at the school gate but I think I didn’t hear correctly and I kept walking looking for a park until I finally found myself in Abuja park. My friends couldn’t even believe that someone can trek that long distance alone…lol.

    I’m really hoping for the best in 2018, making new friends that like touring is on my top list, so help me God🙇🙇. I hope to visit again and look out for some fun experience next time😎.

    1. Haha my. First time in Uniport that happened to!! My. Cousin and I trekked down to Abuja park because we didn’t know we were supposed to enter a bus. Same here dear. I plan on doing more of socializing thanks for reading and I’m off to claim my. Award 😂

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