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Photo Diary: The Pleasure Park Experience 

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                    Dear Stylish Nerd, 

One of my penned down goals last month was to go out at least twice and I actually went out a total of three times which might not be a lot for other people but is a lot to me as I’m a bit of a social hermit. Although part of the reason I was such a social butterfly was because of the festivities regardless I plan to remain as social as possible this year and go out more frequently.

My younger sister’s birthday is just a couple of days after Christmas and my family decided that seeing how most of the restaurants  will still be filled to the brim and so will the malls and public places, we decided to go the newly opened Port Harcourt Pleasure Park for two reasons 1) It was open space so even if it was crowded there will be less chances of suffocation 2) we’ve never been there so why not:

The Experience:

The Pleasure Park is located at Air Force Junction, Aba Road Port Harcourt. Trust me when I say it’s pretty hard to miss.

When we got there two things ruined my mood instantly: it was very crowded and the line was very long. Secondly, the fog that is characterstic of Decembers here in the tropics was pretty strong (So I apologize In advance for the crappy pictures).

Luckily we were able to convince a man we were there before him and didn’t spend more than five minutes at the line compared to some people who spent thirty minutes plus (Sorry Not Sorry). For some reason I’m not clear about our tickets has #350 written on it but we paid #500 to get in, however this ticket let’s you get into the park but to get on certain games you’ll have to pay a little extra.

When we got in, I was surprised because the park was a lot bigger than I thought! We spent several minutes walking around, talking and here are a few pictures I took:

What I never realized is that the Park had some water body and offered boat rides, sadly none of us felt adventurous enough so we were okay looking at people who were much bolder than we were. I can’t remember the exact amount but I know there was a thirty-minutes ride and a one hour ride and it came with someone who’ll navigate for you, to be honest it didn’t look that much fun.

The park was rather huge and after walking a fraction of it we got to a little spot where children were playing and my sister easily joined. Eventually we bought a couple of drinks – from a very rude and non-chalant man who really irked me – which costs only Fifty Naira more than it does outside (Considering the percentage  a lot of restaurants and public places in Port Harcourt add to their Drinks, this is very cheap)  while we watched the children play.

While headed back where we came from , my sister and I  got to meet a rather slim version of Santa Claus, he gave her a present (Sadly, the big box contained just  a pencil and a box of crayons). And we also spotted a deer.

There was a vendor selling paintings and cute little statues but he wouldn’t let me take pictures of them (P. S the park doesn’t let you enter with professional cameras, which is a bummer because I was hoping on doing a shoot there)

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On our way out we stopped by the restaurant originally to get a bite to eat but the place was very crowded- literally no where to sit down so instead we sat outside and my mum had a cup of Ice Tea and my sister and I had cotton candy (which I think is a great way to waste money). While seated there, we met a few girls who were painting the faces of a couple of children and both my sister and I got face-painted for just 500 naira each!

By the time we left the park to a family friend’s house we were all exhausted and when we reached home we were all too tired to do any thing else than sleep.
Would I go back there again?  Definitely. I plan on going there next week actually and maybe this time I’ll be brave enough to go on the boat ride. It  is very budget friendly way to relax with either your friends and family without spending a fortune – a little tip: bring your own food and drinks and have a picnic.
Thanks for reading this very lengthy post. What’s your favorite thing to do at a park? Have you tried cotton candy? Would you rather go on a boat ride or a scary park ride? Do leave a comment! 

2 thoughts on “Photo Diary: The Pleasure Park Experience ”

  1. Omg! I recently heard about this place but I had no idea it’s this big. Port Harcourt is on my travel list and now I have to add this particular place. I’d pick a boat ride (with life jacket ofcourse, lol) over a scary pak ride. Your pictures are lovely. Thanks for sharing

  2. I went on the boat ride the first and only time I was there, it was fun for my friends and I. Would most likely try the climbing tower the next time I’m there.

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