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How I Edit My Moody Instagram Pictures 

Dear Stylish Nerd,

Before we get into today’s post I’ll like to first put it out there that I am in no way a photography expert, nor a photographer so writing a post on photography and photography apps had me feeling some type of way but you guys absolutely loved this post judging from your comments and the pageviews, some of you also left comments on my Instagram (@vincentdesmond_) asking for tips and how i edit my Instagram pictures especially the recent ones. Also my latest Instagram Polls proved you guys were still interested in How I Edit My Pictures and so I’m here to share what little knowledge I have with my Stylish Nerds.

So here’s what my process looks like:

Take The Picture

When I take my pictures, I always focus on the composition and the lighting because any other thing can be edited out. The best time to take pictures for me are :9am-11am for outfit pictures and brighter pictures and late evenings for moody pictures because the sun then creates a particular aesthetic I like.

Edit With Snapseed

The first thing I do in Snapseed is to Tune The Image using the Tuning Options: Brightness, Contrast etc,  depending on what I’m trying to achieve. For moody pictures, I reduce the Brightness, Shadow, and increase Contrast (For Lighter Pictures, I increase the Brightness and increase the Shadows).

My all time favorite thing about Snapseed is being able to use the Selective Option and edit only certain part in the picture (Like increase or decrease Brightness or Contrast).

For this Picture, I first cropped it using the Square Option (That’s the perfect size for Instagram), I reduced the Brightness by 30, increased the Contrast by 22, Reduced the Shadows by 18 (Reducing Shadows intensify and make them darker, increasing them lessens them or and makes your pictures lighter), Saturating to 10 (To make it warmer) and then using the Selective Option, I reduce the Brightness on the edges just a little bit to make it darker.

Edit With VSCO

I use VSCO mostly for the filters, and my favorite filters are those in the A Series and HB2, for this picture I’ll be using A4 and I’ll reduce the intensity to 7, reduce exposure by 3 and increase the Tint to a 2. And then, post on Instagram!

My advice is to experiment with VSCO filters because it looks different with different pictures and different lighting, and one filter may look good on one picture, but will look horrible on another.

And that’s it. Nowadays, the process is very easy and I do it automatically because I know what I want to achieve. I’ll advice once again, focus more on taking a great picture and on composition and lighting, any other thing can be edited out.

I hope this post was helpful and do leave a comment.

What’s your favorite editing app? Would you like me to write more on photography? What will you like me to write about?

26 thoughts on “How I Edit My Moody Instagram Pictures ”

  1. Chai… Desmond for president… I also notice that about VSCO, I have actually downloaded the app three times and deleted it.. Cos it was kinda complicated to me.. But snap seed is bae, everyday I keep finding out new ways to edit..

    And you’re right about taking great pictures first with good lighting… It makes editing so easy…

    1. Aww thank you. I deleted mine about five different times, it took me several trials before I understand anything about the app. Lighting is honestly everything In photography. Thanks for reading dear

  2. I love VSCO but I’m trying other editing apps like Lightroom and Afterlight. I particularly love the filters in Lightroom, easy to use and you can switch up colours if you’re going for a neutral,faded/matte picture.

  3. I’m a VSCO edit and Airbrush and I’m gradually learning how to use Snapseed now. I kindda like the Selective option and repair option that snapseed offers.

    Great tips about the time of the day to take pictures. I’d exploit this. Thanks Popcorn.

  4. To be honest I’m not even a filter person. I just use the phone’s edits to improve the picture’s brightness to a neater bit and then post. But I absolutely make sure it’s a good quality. I’m just having a lot of social media picture inferiority complex (lol) that’s making me delve into these apps. That’s when I noticed the world has moved on from PicsArt.

    Idle head

  5. Thanks for sharing. I bookmarked this post for when next I’ll be using the apps. I actually have them and just use it till I get what I want and that takes time.

    I’ll be trying it next time, hopefully I get to save playtime and get straight to it😂

  6. I really love Snapseed, pretty straightforward and when used right, can do really good. I don’t take too many pictures so I don’t do a lot of editing, so that’s literally all I use. The Selective part is actually the best!
    PS. Loving your blog layout, it’s so simple but absolutely gorgeous!

  7. I’ve always loved moody pictures although they don’t go with my current feed. Anyways this short tutorial was pretty good, straight to the point too. And as for VSCO cam, I really don’t know how people stick to these presets, I tried it before and it did not work for all my pictures as well. So I just freestyle it.

    Princess Audu

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