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How To Have A Better Monday 

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                    Dear Stylish Nerd, 

When I was younger I loved Mondays because they meant I was going to go to school and school meant learning and most importantly, school was the best chance I  could get to be social and mingle with people (Sadly, I failed and I’m still failing at this). Fast forward to me as a teenager, I still loved Mondays for the same reasons but I hated that Monday meant I would have to leave my bed, wake up early, and most importantly (Here’s a  secret) I felt that as usual  Monday meant more failing and that another week had passed without me amounting to anything, one day I’ll talk on how I dealt with depression for three years and spent a good chunk of 2017 actively dealing with it but today I want to talk about one of the changes I made that helped me which is having a good Monday (Honestly everyday) morning routine and four things that help me have better Mondays.

Speak Into Your Day

I’ve actively been trying to be consistent with morning prayers and my devotion and some days I flop, some days I don’t but ever since I came to realize how important it was I never miss my morning declarations. I can spend anything like 1-3 minutes, speaking into the day and saying a few things I’ll like to achieve by the end of the day it could be anything mundane like get to class on time or highly important and so far I can say it has been extremely effectual and I’ll advice everybody should do this, you’ll be surprised at the power of the spoken word.

Listen To Some Music | Radio

If you know me you’ll know I love 90s/early 2000s songs and songs from Musicals , I love the lyrical depth and the beat they tend to have. So most mornings immediately after praying and/or declaring, I usually put on these songs and I’m dancing and it usually helps gets me in a very good mood. I also recently downloaded an app called Melody, and I always put on the Love Songs Radio (I’m high-key a romantic) and I can tell you dancing or lip-synching to Whitney Houston or Brandy is one way to shake off cobwebs and depression.

Eat A Light Breakfast

Eating something light (I said this in Falz‘s voice)  is something I learnt from my mum. She never eats before 11am and only ever drank coffee or tea and as I’ve grown I’ve come to realize that on days I only have tea and crackers I am lighter and happier than on days I have a full meal, some people are happier with a filler breakfast but I prefer a lighter breakfast.

Write A To Do List 

I mentioned here that one habit I started late 2017 and I carried into 2018 is writing Daily To-Do lists, I love how responsible it makes me feel and how accomplished I feel ticking each one off knowing that a simple goal like submitting my assignments on time equals to me making practical and effective moves to achieving my goal of graduating with a great grade. Personally I switch between my phone and my notebook to write my goals because I like physically writing things down (I also like to doodle) but my phone goes everywhere with me.

Pick An Outfit You Truly Love

If you are as vain as I am, then wearing your favorite clothes on Monday is an easy way to subtly treat yourself while positively affecting your mood. Wear colours you are more comfortable in, use your favorite accessories, wear your favorite combo, you’ll be surprised how much this can affect you.
I hope this post was helpful and that it helps you make the most out of everyday. Do have an amazing day and week. 

What’s your morning routine like? I’ll to know what you think of my photography as I’ve switched my aesthetics. Do leave a comment.

23 thoughts on “How To Have A Better Monday ”

  1. How come we have similar routine for our Mondays. Monday’s are days I get to wear my fav serious outfit, write my to do for the week, and clear my head as to what I must achieve before the end of the week.

    I’m also a fan of playing random songs from my playlist as I get ready for work.

  2. Love how you started with dear stylish nerd and I love the vibe the flatlays were giving. I do my devotion, play with my phone then struggle to get my lazy ass out of bed. I haven’t been consistent with my daily planner this year but i’ll work on it and try the speaking into my day part too.

  3. The breakfast thingy is very apt, eating breakfast helps me a lot. I never go to work/school without eating.
    Writing a to do list works for me when I have the whole day to myself at home. I used to practice speaking to myself in the mirror just as I’m about to step out every morning but I stopped. It definitely made me feel more confident but I guess I just outgrew it. I’m not really a music person so I can’t relate. Nice post dear and the photography is great! xxx
    Laitanbee Blog

  4. This is absolutely me every morning except for the light breakfast part. I eat whatever is available but always making sure there’s a cup of hot choco to go with as hot choco makes me happy. The routine has worked so far.

  5. First of all, I’m such a sucker for your type of music so I’m adding melody to the list of apps I’ll be downloading this week. I find that writing stuff down does a lot of magic, it’s something worth sticking to. I’ll definitely attempt the morning prayers thing again and speaking into the day looks like a plan. Thank you Stylish Nerd 🙂

  6. I’m trying to be organised in my life right now, writing daily to do list is something I’ve been saying I’ll do.. I even carry a small jotter & pen in my bag but I never do.

    I shall write tomorrow! I promise myself.
    And as for eating light, anything works for me. Love this post for some reason I can’t pin point. It feels genuine. Maybe that’s it

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