How To Be A Fashion Cool Kid In 2017

How to style a denim jacket. Nigerian male lifestyle bloggers.Calling me a cool kid is honestly an Oxymoron,

because I’m on the far end of the spectrum – a geeky nerd in totality. However, the beautiful thing about fashion is the fact that you can fake it and can switch between different styles which may not necessarily be your signature style, and the only thing you need to work it is a few rules and you are all set. And in today’s post, I’ll be sharing a few tips and hacks to help you fake it till you make it as a fashion cool kid:

How To Be A Cool Kid In 2017

1) Reach For Safety
The best way to experiment things in general is to incorporate things you already love and are comfortable in,  I love black and it’s pretty much the colour you’ll almost always find me wearing plus Black is always going to be in style, so will denim. It also helps that denim is a cool kid must have. So if you are trying any fashion experiment, always find a safety net.
2) Your Attitude 
At the end of the day, you can wear the best pieces in the best ways but without the confidence and attitude to match you’ll just appear basic, so crank up your attitude. Or in simpler words
Be A Beyonce’
Walk with your head held high. Or better yet, strut with your head held high like you own the New York Fashion Week runway.
3) It’s All In The Details 
 If you look closely you’ll realize that rather than use a regular belt, I used my sneakers lace and tied it round my waist and rather than remove both, one was laced and the other wasn’t. I also tied a bandana to add a little colour and white framed glasses. Little things like a bracelet, a neckpiece can make, break or define a look.
Vincent Desmond. how to style denim jacket. Nigerian Fashion bloggers
4) Go With The Flow
Fashion is an art. Don’t let the rules confound you, let your spirit be free and remember you are your own canvas. Enjoy the fun.
Outfit Details 
Denim Jacket – Thrifted
Trousers – Thrifted 
Sneakers – Gift
Glasses – Random Store
Bandana – Gift 
Belt – Shoe Lace
Photo Credit | IG @stylebeatbyzobam

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