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Five Things You Need To Do As A Young Adult

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As a child, I always thought of my middle and late teen years as the magical years. In the movies if you’ll develop super-powers or discover you are actually a wizard prophesied to save the world it almost always happened during these years, right?  So I always pictured that by the time I’m eighteen (I turned eighteen here)  or nineteen i’ld either be a superhero or a wizard on a mission if I’m lucky or a music superstar with sold out tickets giving Justin Bieber a run for his money – It didn’t matter that my singing skills need work. Those dreams didn’t come to pass, and while I’m not a super star at least I’m no longer on the sidelines of my life wishing. Now I’m making my dreams come through (with the Help of the Holy Spirit of course).

Today’s post is for the young adult still discovering himself and I’m going to be highlighting a few things you should probably do while you are in this stage of your life:

1) Build A Relationship With Christ 

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This is major key in life, I’ve gone through several phases from a church-going atheist, to accepting that maybe God existed, to finally accepting Jesus as my Lord and Savior. I’ve felt everything, and I know that acknowledging and accepting Christ in my life has been the Midas touch that has turned everything into gold: great opportunities, a popping financial life, glowing skin and most importantly peace of mind and soul. It’s not enough to just acknowledge him, it’s important you have a real working relationship with the Savior of your soul.

2) Travel

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I honestly haven’t traveled as much as I want to. In as much as I can still count the number of my countries and states on my hand, then it’s not enough. I took a gap year (however involuntarily) to branch out and experience life and try new things and I can honestly say I’m better for it. The experience was beautiful, horrible and shaped me in ways I can’t describe.

3) Get Heartbroken 

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This is probably not on anyone’s bucket list, but I think there’s a perspective that being heartbroken gives. An understanding of self and people. You’ll realize your shortcomings and strengths, you’ll understand how you work with people especially under pressure. However try to ensure your getting heartbroken doesn’t involve you getting frauded and ending up broke and then you’ll be crying over your broken heart and non-existent financial life, minimalize the danger. Play with your heart, not your pocket.

4) Understand Your Purpose

Everyone has a purpose In life, something they were called out for, understanding and walking in your purpose is honestly key to a great life. Walking and living a purposeful life means you won’t get swayed by the next glittery thing or trend or peer pressure because you know who you are and what you want out of life. Understanding your purpose in life helps you prevent unnecessary mistakes.

Take for instance, I’m a blogger, writer and social media manager, in between creating content, learning SEO, trying to get better at this blogging thing, my job etc I don’t have time to be going clubbing when I’m awake till 4am brainstorming article ideas and in doing so I’ve prevented several problems.

5) Try, Fail, Rise

Sweetheart, your teenage/young adult years is the perfect time to make mistakes and rise from them. Each time getting closer to the mark. I believe it’s important to understand as a young adult that just because you failed at your first attempt doesn’t make your a failure. Honestly, have the fun is failing. But the thing is how you handle it. That’s why I believe that while you can try, fail and rise at any age doing it as a young adult is the best because there’s enough time for you fall, rise and soar.


I don’t want to tell you the cliche ‘ Start a business or brand’ because I believe that there is time for that but I think this time should be use to attain spiritual and emotional maturity

As a young adult, what are you doing with your life/what do you think you should be doing? 

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