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Turtle Necks and Birthday Suits 

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I’ll tell you a secret: as a kid I had a horrible phobia of growing old, not dying, but growing old. I wanted to be young forever most people thought/think it’s because of my fascination with vampires but in reality it’s because I was always scared that an imaginary clock was ticking and I had to achieve so much as fast as possible and every year that passes I feel like I haven’t achieved anything and I have even less time. This year is different. Not because I’ve achieved so much (which I actually have) but because I’ve come to understand the most important thing in live is walking with purpose.

I currently have a clearer vision of who I am and who I want to be, I also have the confidence in my ability as a person and most importantly I know God and Christ now. So with all of this, I can tell you that while seventeen was an amazing year. Eighteen is going to be the

So to today’s outfit, I wanted an outfit that was more sublime and mature so I decided to whip out my only suit (which was a gift and is the most expensive piece of clothing I own) and black pants and black loafers because an all black outfit is just timeless and I felt it exuded a sort of maleness. I added the turtle neck to give it a bit more of my personality.

Looking at these pictures show me how far I’ve come – from a bullied suicidal kid who had no confidence and would rather die than take a picture in public to a man who has so much focus that he could ignore the crowd giving him weird eyes because he knows what he wants and he won’t take no for an answer. Can I just indulge in myself and say ‘well done, buddy’!
Feel free to raise a wine glass and celebrate this fine wine who is now a legal adult!

Outfit Details

Suit – Dino Collections

Turtle Neck – Thrifted

Pants – Thrifted

Shoes – Thrifted

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