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Monthly Notes || December ’17

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This is probably very cliché but I can’t help ask: ‘Am I the only one who is extremely surprised at how fast the year was? ‘ it literally feels like just a few days ago it was January and we were all making New Year Resolutions and now the year is about to end.  This proves that time waits for no one and we have to make the most of the time we have been given especially as young people because one minute you’re young and feel like you have all the time in the world and in the next minute you’re grandma or grandpa years old!

I originally had a different post lined up for today but I felt like with the year coming to an end it will be a great idea to share what’s being up in my life In the past month and year. So in the past months I’ve been:

Vincent Desmond. Nigerian Fashion Blogger. How To Style A Vintage Shirt

Wearing: My vintage shirt from this post. I didn’t originally realize how versatile It actually is, and I think I can say it is a wardrobe essential.

Eating: In one word – Junk. I’m still pleasantly surprised at how I haven’t developed a sort of disorder over my unhealthy lifestyle.

Drinking: Anybody who follows me on Instagram is already aware of my obsession with Coke. It’s that real.

Nigerian Fashion Blogger. How To style a waist coat. Nigerian male fashion blogger

Excited: About the fact that it’s Christmas! I absolutely love everything about Christmas: the story behind it, the fact that it’s a special day that we can just appreciate God coming as Christ to make Grace available to all of us poor sinners and lift us up to heavenly places! I also really love the food and gift giving.

If you want a little Christmas gift inspiration check out this post!

Realizing: The only way to move forward is to focus on building yourself up and not feel entitled to someone’s else’s time because no one owes you a darn thing.

Wondering: If I should do a Christmas lookbook for you guys?  Leave a comment if this is something you’ll be interested in!

Irritated: A lot more than irritated actually, about the slavery In Libya. How is it possible that in 2017 black people are still being sold as slaves? How is this possible? What is wrong with humanity?

Craving: Buttery Popcorn. The popcorn in Uniport (The University Of Port Harcourt – where I school) used to be the plug but nowadays it’s so lacklustre that I don’t even bother and I love popcorn so now I just need something better.

Vincent Desmond. Nigerian Christmas

Making: Plans and goals for the year 2018. 2018 is going to be such an amazing and fulfilling year for me and I hope you too, and one way to do this is to make goals, work on them and smash them.

Wishing: I get paired with great people in the school hostel. School just began and I’m still trying to decided if I’ll stay in the hostel or not, but If I do I hope it’s with awesome people. I also wish someone will gift me a camera this season

Determined: To go out at least twice this month. I recently realized that I behave way too much like an old man and I hardly ever go out, however I’m determined to enjoy and indulge this season.

Nigerian Fashion Blogger. Nigerian Male Fashion Blogger. Igee Okafor
Igee Okafor

Loving: Igee Okafor’s smile. I think Igee has one of the best smiles ever! It’s so wide and genuine and it’s honestly one of the reasons I follow him on Instagram.

Appreciating: Each and everyone of you that have stopped by my blog, left a comment and shared my post. My blog turns a month today and the love has being too real and I appreciate you guys so much and I hope to do something soon to show you guys how much I appreciate you. (Subscribe so you’ll get notifications of when new posts go up and giveaways)

Drew Scott

Inspired By : My all time favorite youtuber and blogger – Drew Scott’s style. He dresses up just the way I’ll love to dress when I’m rich and famous, head to toe in the best brands and styled to perfection and other than style inspiration, his content and career are just goals to me.

Planning To: Get myself a new laptop in the next few weeks. If I had been more serious about this I probably would have gotten it already but better late than never.

Sam Smith. Sam Smith Too Good At Goodbye

Listening To: Lately I’ve been listening to a bit of oldies with a mix of contemporary such as Leona Lewis Bleeding Heart, Lionel Richie Hello, Mariah Carey All I Want For Christmas (Because this is the season) and Simi ft Praiz Outta My Head but my absolute favorite song at the moment is Sam Smith’s Too Good At Good Byes.

Reading: Absolutely nothing to be honest.

Watching: A lot of YouTube videos. Recently my favorite Instagram couple started their YouTube channel and I’ve honestly watched their first video at least ten times. (No, I’m not sharing. They are my secret).
Grateful: For life, accomplishments and hope. So far 2017 has been the best year ever and I’m certain the remaining weeks will be awesome for both myself and you my amazing readers.
December is such a great month for many reasons – it’s a celebration of Christ’s birth, it’s the last month and the perfect time to look back to out achievements of the year, because I’ve decided it is.

How was your month? What’s your favorite part of the month of December?  Describe the year 2017 with just a word! I pray our month is everything we plan for it to be!  Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram(vincentdesmond_) where I share my life daily. 

6 thoughts on “Monthly Notes || December ’17”

  1. 2017 has been fulfilling. I’m currently wishing someone would gift me a pair of glasses, craving ice-cream, chocolate flavored cakes with fruit toppings and Caramel popcorn. But I’m just too scared to satisfy my sweet tooth.

  2. I’m really not surprised as to how the year ran by. I’m just hoping we all make the best use of our time before it’s cut short. Your fave Instagram couple with a new YouTube channel? Gotta be Ronke Raji and BySirArthur. Secrets out😂😋.

    2017 in one word – LIBERATING!

    I legit became a total adult this year. Living away from home, returning home to fend for myself, gaining more responsibilities…the list is endless.

    I’m just grateful for it all and I hope to get better at life come 2018!

    1. Lol guess again because it ain’t ronke and Arthur 😜. I’m so happy it was liberating for you, and here’s to us getting better at this life thingy. Thanks for reading and leaving a comment

  3. November was so slow but glad it’s December because I get to go home for the holidays. Really hope to get a phone/money as a gift this season. Really craving more of sweet than savoury things these days but can’t satisfy my craving because I’m on a strict diet.

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