My Current Night Skin Care Routine 

For a while, I’ve been slacking on keeping up with my skin care routine due to the constantly being busy and having one task to finish and then another and then another, eventually the stress started showing on my face and I began developing acne after being acne-free for a very long time. Then I realized that rather than trying to maintain a skincare routine during the day when I’ll be busy trying to get as much work done, I should try it at night and after I did I wondered why I didn’t think of something so obvious all this while.

Indulging in my little skincare routine at night has helped alleviate the stress of a rather busy day, help me sleep better and gotten my skin glowing as it rightly should and in today’s post I’ll be sharing with you guys what my current night skincare routine looks like:

1) Exfoliate

Cici Glam Konjac Sponge. Nigerian Beauty Blogger, Nigerian Konjac Sponge

For a while I’ve been using a Honey + Coffee DIY mask and it’s been working just fine for me, then I tried the Cici Glam konjac sponge and I haven’t turned back (No, I’m not being paid to say this), I loved the immediate effect it has on my skin and all I have to do is let it soak in water for less than two minutes and then I scrub all the dirt off my face.

2) Cleanse

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I got this face cleanser a little while back after my Neutrogena Triple Action Toner which has been serving as my go-to cleanser for a while finished, and I honestly regret the money I spent on it.  While it is fairly affordable, it is really  horrible value for your money as it does a very superficial job of cleansing your facial skin. But I’ve been stuck using it because I’m on a budget and my mum raised me to never waste. What I do is I occasionally dab the Konjac Sponge with the facial cleanser and then use it, but other times I use it with normal cotton wool and pretend it’s working.

3) Tone

For months, I’ve been hearing good things about Apple Cider and how next to Coconut and Tea Tree Oil, it is the magical skin care product and Midas Touch that turns you into a golden bronze king/queen and you know your boy is all about that glow. So when I got to go shopping a month ago and my mum wanted to buy it for her latest dieting plan I was all on-board. I’ve been using it semi-consistently and honestly it is worth the rave. If you have uneven skin tone(which I don’t), acne or just generally want your skin to glow (which is my honest goal)  this is the product for you. I use it immediately after cleansing and before moisturizing, by dabbing a little on a cotton pad and rubbing it in circular motions for a few minutes.

4) Moisturize

The best time to moisturize is at night, shortly before you retire to bed, when you aren’t exposed to the harsh ultraviolet rays of sun we in Nigeria have to deal with everyday. And ever since I discovered this nifty trick, I barely moisturize during the day and when I do it’s just because its a habit. I leave the actual effective moisturizing for night time when I get down with either Nivea Body Cream or Coconut Oil- then I usually like to either switch off the bulbs of my room and dwell in a little tranquility which I believe help heighten the glow.

So there’s it for my little night skincare ritual. I’m still in the stage where I’m constantly switching between products hoping to find that one and understand how my skin reacts with different products. Also kindly note, skin care products work differently for different people and what didn’t work for me might be magical on you and what worked on me might not on you. 

What’s your skin care routine like? Leave a comment so I can discover more products to try! Also do you take care of your skin at night or during the day?

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  1. Hey! I believe the ACV should be diluted before use. So equal parts ACV and water because the vinegar can be harsh on more sensitive skin.
    Anyways I am just really excited that a boy is taking skincare seriously 💃

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