My Most Worn Fashion Pieces In 2017

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With the year coming to an end I can imagine there will be a lot of ‘end of the year‘ and ‘yearly’ recap posts floating around the blogosphere so I figured I might as well write mine already. And rather than write a post on what my year looked like, I figured I should talk what my personal style and wardrobe looked like and share what my most worn fashion pieces in the year 2017 are:


Nigerian Fashion Blogger. Nigerian Male Fashion Blogger. Nigerian Male Style Blogger. Tote bag

I thought my most worn shirt this year would be my white shirt but I just realized it’s this red and black checkered shirt my mum gifted me early this year. I think my obsession with it is because it’s easy to throw on and walk away. And if I’m feeling adventurous, I’ll wear it over a tee and a face cap and that’s it. Other than I’m really confused because I thought  hated this shirt but I guess not.


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What would have been my most worn pair of shoes this year sadly has been thrown out to the wolves – I’ve overworked them and they couldn’t take the pressure so I threw them away lol. So I think what would have to take it’s place is my pair of blue shoes. It’s being just a few short months since I got them, but I’ve worn them so much it’s like I own no other! I have this horrible habit of wearing a particular piece till it gets ruined then I’ll throw it away and move on to the next.


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Easily my most worn pair of pants is my slightly ripped Blue Jeans. I’m so obsessed with it, because it fits me like a glove and the little ripped details are just so perfect.


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Denim jackets are definitely wardrobe essentials, so when I found one for an extremely affordable price I could barely contain my excitement in the few minutes it took for me to get home and get back to the store to purchase it. And ever since then I’ve been entirely in love with it, this is one piece that was more than worth the little money I spent on it.

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I got this Bag as a giveaway win from an online brand (IG @kstotebags) very early this year and It was one of those awesome things that kick-started my year and since then I’ve been walking on sunshine. The only thing I probably don’t like  about this bag is the fact that it has a camouflage design and that could be a problem as a Nigerian because the army might get offended but so far I haven’t gotten into any problem so yay! I also love that it announces who I am to the world!


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Another gift from my mum! My mum is truly the MVP when it comes to finding the best pieces at the best pieces like this Hublot watch which was gotten at the most ridiculous price ever. However, I need a new watch because this one no longer tells accurate time and I basically wear it just for the sake of fashion.


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This is actually a tie between this pair of gold framed glasses and this Rayban dupe I had on In this post but I’ll give it to the gold framed pair because I’ve had it for much longer and because I think only douchebags wear sunglasses that much and I’m not a douchebag.


There are a few fashion pieces that would probably hate me if I didn’t at least appreciate them for all their hard work (It can’t be that hard, being on me though) like my blazer which I’ve definitely abused and I’m honestly in a desperate search for a new one, and my ankara set which I’ve worn in so many different ways.
So that’s it for my favorite fashion pieces of this amazing year of 2017, my everyday style is more of a go-with the flow and wear what you feel comfortable in. But my style goal in the year 2018 is be more.

What were your favorite fashion pieces in 2017? What are your style goals for 2018?

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  1. My black retro shoes…RIP shoes,I’ll miss you alot
    My tote bags, got them some months ago and I use them everyday, my pack of hand beads and my jeans skirt.
    I rocked and overabused accessories alot this year.

    I enjoyed reading this post, I can’t wait to have my own jeans jacket, so many inspos to slay it.

    P.S: I’m having issues leaving my blog URL in the website section. It keeps reading “please enter URL”…Any help?

    1. Haha I love totes! Accessories are always a good idea and so is a denim jacket.
      Oh really? I’ll try to see what’s wrong. Thanks for leaving a comment dear

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