On Christmas And Traditions 

I’ve come to appreciate the simplistic yet beautiful Christmas traditions that my family has created over the years, mostly unconsciously, even though they aren’t as detailed and backed with meaning like many families it still makes me smile a little when I think of them. 

Like we ensuring we stuff our faces on Christmas Eve with roasted meats and sugary drinks, staying up all night to watch Christmas classics that we’ve definitely watched a billion times before and then watching random shows, waking up the next cold and beautiful Christmas  morning to say a little prayer of gratitude before indulging in more little rituals: like killing the chicken and dressing it up while my mum tells us funny stories from her childhood.

Like I said, the traditions aren’t the most rigid or note worthy but indulging in our little rituals as a family has done us so much good and helps us dwell on the beauty of Christmas: the gift of Christ and goodwill.

I feel like every family’s tradition is important, and while yours isn’t as glamorous and detailed like the next family, it doesn’t mean it is less important. Christmas comes round once a year and while i believe families should always try and get together often, the Christmas miracle can heal so many hurt and pain. If your family has a tradition, like my family’s tradition of eating huge platters of food while watching TV in P.Js and making noise, indulging in it can bring back so many beautiful memories.

What if your family doesn’t have a tradition? Create one! My extended family has started a new tradition of everyone coming together for an annual dinner and everyone is mandated to make an appearance (I plan to finally taste alcohol, seeing how I’m finally legal) and I think it’s a great idea to make us come together as a family and share Love and goodwill.

My new found obsession with Christmas traditions came after a discussion with a friend and my eyes were open and I became woke on the power of Christmas and family bonds, I believe almost every one has memories tied with Christmas – good or bad ones and one way to trigger these memories is traditions: here’s my take if the memories are good, preserve those traditions, dwell and build on them. If they are bad, this is time to create new ones. Create them with family or with yourself, don’t dwell on pain or negativity.

If you’ve read to this point, you are the realest MVP, and I honestly just want to say Merry Christmas and I wish you a happy New Year. 

What’s your family’s Christmas tradition? How are you spending Christmas? 

10 thoughts on “On Christmas And Traditions ”

  1. Christmas used to be about watching Jingle all the way and slicing cucumbers. That’s usually the difference between the day and any other day of the year. And we always looked forward to it

    Idle head

  2. Christmas has been a little fun since I was younger, I usually hated 6:00pm on 25th December… You should know why. My family’s Christmas tradition begins on the third day after Christmas when we have a yearly three days prayer and fasting session… The thoughts of that alone is enough to ruin whatever fun I was having.

    1. Haha I think I know why lol. Ugh so you’ll be eating with the knowledge that fasting is just around the corner? Fammm 😂 thanks for stopping by dear I appreciate you!

  3. Merry Christmas Vincent! Demond!? Lool, which is your first name btw. I’m guessing Vincent. I actually got tired of a family tradition and sort of ditched it this year because it makes me forget the fact that it’s actually Christmas. Looking forward to picking up new ones. I know when I leave ‘home’, my Christmas is going to all about sleeping and being a couch potato. Lol. Hope you had a fun one.

    1. 😂 my first name is Desmond oh! Ah I can imagine, I think I’ll like to have one couch potato Christmas though. But I can’t stay away from my. House because I’ll miss out on the food 😂. I did dear, I hope you did too!

  4. It’ll probably be starting new Christmas traditions from over here. We hardly ever do stuff asides eat which is just plain old boring to me.

    Merry Christmas in Arrears & Happy New Year Vincent !!! 🙂

  5. Something I’ve been doing with my mum and sister for a long time now us waking up as early as 2 on Christmas morning and cook. It’s usually so fun and makes us bond tighter.
    Happy holidays!

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