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Product Review || RDL Babyface Facial Cleanser 

Dear Stylish Nerd,

When it comes to product reviews I have an unspoken rule: I only review products I genuinely like, which is why I never write about  products that I try that were either horrible or ‘so-so’ however I’ve decided to talk more about products that I try that were either not worth the hype or were just  plain horrible to hopefully spare you the experience of wasting your money and time.
I’m a bit obsessed with face cleansers – I’ve been so for several years now since my mum introduced me to them, and I’ve tried quite a number from the expensive to the not-so-expensive and the down-right cheap, I’ve also tried products that worked amazing and the ones that were just ‘bleh‘, but I’ve never tried any like the one I’m reviewing in today’s post   which was in simple words: Horrible and a waste of money, I’m simply going to be talking about this product in the categories I feel are important and my experience with it:

The Product: Today’s review is about the RDL Babyface Facial Cleanser in the Flavor: Plain which comes in a 75ml bottle that I bought sometime last year .

Price: The major reason I am not as angry as I probably should be is the fact that this face cleanser isn’t as expensive as most and I believe it costs something between 350-400 Naira, I can’t remember the exact price but I’m certain it is within that range.

Packaging: The packaging should honestly have sent warning bells ringing as it is quite basic and not particularly aesthetically pleasing and quite bland.

Usage: I pretty much use it the way I’ve been using face cleansers all my life: exfoliate, cleanser,  tone, then moisturize. ( However I recently learnt that the correct order should be  Cleanse then exfoliate, tone and moisturize. However I haven’t tried this out as I’m pretty comfortable with my routine at the moment). I’ve had it for about eight months but it honestly doesn’t get the work done so I had to dump it and switch to the Neutrogena Triple Action Toner which cleanse and tones.
Final Thoughts:

– It is quite affordable.

– The product is so ineffective and a honest waste of money. 

– When applied to the face it doesn’t have the same feel face cleansers normally have and I can almost still feel the dirt on my face. 

Rating: 2/10.

Disclaimer: This is a honest review, the products may work wonders for you even though it didn’t work for me and my opinions aren’t swayed to any side. 

What facial cleanser do you currently use? Would you prefer I review more of products I like or the ones I don’t like?  Do leave a comment.

4 thoughts on “Product Review || RDL Babyface Facial Cleanser ”

  1. What an experience! I have never ever made an attempt to buy because it looks like something someone just picked up and poured water in it.. I am glad you are reviewing bad products as well so people are properly informed about this things.. I know a friend who used this cleanser from first uni year to finals and her skin looks good.
    Bottom line… Some products are basics, they work for some but not most people.

  2. I have used the papaya before and it was OK, but nothing special. It probably didn’t work cos as the name implies, it plain😂. I use organic toners now though, Oriflame Optimal age revive toner and Love nature tea tree toner and it’s bae.

  3. I’m currently using a cleanser from the same brand but the one with papaya extract, I just started using it so I can’t exactly judge it but it pretty much cleanses my face, and I like the cool tingling feeling it gives.

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