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Product Review || Cici Glam Konjac Sponge

I’ve come to realize that one of the best ways to kick start a week is getting something new, it always has me feeling particularly giddy and excited and optimistic about the week. Luckily I’ve been getting alot of new things recently like shoes, gadgets, and clothes and most recently this Konjac Sponge * from Beauty brand Cici Glam (IG @ciciglam). 
When I got contacted by the brand about being gifted one of their Konjac Sponges I was in all honesty excited because I’ve heard and read really great things about Konjac sponges and how they work magic so I practically jumped at the opportunity to own one. This is sort of an early review/first impressions of this product seeing how I only just got it and I’ve used it only a couple of time but I wanted to share my first thoughts with you guys, so here we go :
Cici glam konjac sponge. Nigerian male beauty blogger
There was nothing particularly fancy about the packaging, in my opinion it was effective and standard nothing more and nothing less. I’m a huge fan of pretty things mostly because I love taking pictures of them, the packaging of the sponge wasn’t particularly fabulous but it gets the job done. It came in a simple packet with instructions written in quite tiny letters on it (Increasing the font will be great because pretty much everyone in my house has eye issues and uses glasses so the font could be an issue).
The Sponge
Flatlay. Nigerian beauty blogger flatlay
When I got the actual sponge out of the little bag it came in, it was slightly hard so I dipped it in a little container for a little over fifteen minutes (the instructions on the packet (I managed to read it)  says fifteen minutes or more) and the sponge became softer and a bit bigger.
How I Use It
After getting it out of the water, I squeezed it a little and spent a few minutes massaging my face with the sponge in circular motions for a few minutes (I may or may not have spent a few more minutes than I should have staring at my reflection).
The After
I’ll be completely and one hundred percent honest with you guys, I thought it wouldn’t have any spectacular effect on my facial skin (I don’t know why I felt like this) but the effect It had on my facial skin was amazing. I couldn’t stop touching my skin because it was so smooth. I had my mum try it and she was also surprised at the effect. It actually blew my expectations out of the park and has honestly become my favorite thing.
Final Thoughts
If I were to rate it, I’ll give it an 8/10 because while I wish the packaging was cuter, the point of buying a beauty product is to see visible results and I did.
This post is in collaboration with Cici Glam. But the images, words and opinions are one hundred percent mine. You can check them out on Instagram @ciciglam.
 And thanks for reading, have an amazing week filled with love and light. 
Tell me in the comment section: have you ever tried a konjac sponge? How do you start an awesome week? 

12 thoughts on “Product Review || Cici Glam Konjac Sponge”

  1. I used this sponge a long time ago , I loved it so much . The fact that it scrubs off oil and all the dirt that gets trapped on my face and makeup . I really loved it. I would like to replace mine because I lost it some how 🙁

  2. This is the second time I’m seeing a good review of the konjac sponge so I think i’ll get one soon. I mean who doesn’t love a smooth face?.. Lovely pictures

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