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Three Ways To Prepare For The New Year

For the past several days I’ve making all sorts of plans and goal for the new year and at some point i felt overwhelmed by all the things i plan on doing and a part of me wondered if it’s possible to get all this stuff done in the space of twelve months and then i looked back at the beyond amazing year that i had and i realized 2017 is actually just the tip of the iceberg because eyes have not seen, ears have not heard of the spectacular things God has in line for me, and i slowly began to analyze my year (i have a tendency to overthink things) and then it hit me that there were certain things that i did in 2016 that helped me make the most of 2017 and in today’s post i”ll be sharing with you some of them with the hope that it will inspire you and help you get the absolute most out of your year:


Make A List of Things You”ll Love to Achieve For Yourself

Nigerian Fashion Blogger, Vincent Desmond, How to get ready for the new year, new year resolutions, fashion blogger wearing waistcoat, how to style a waistcoat

During the festive period of 2016, i started making lists of things i’ll love to achieve before the end of the year, or the year goes half and even things that i’ll love to do in 2018 that i have to start preparing for and i can testify to how helpful it was because i kept turning back and it helped keep me in check. For instance, i planned to purchase a domain and hosting in Bluehost even thought a part of me was thinking it was a tad too expensive, on or before the middle week of November (no jokes) and i launched this blog which is hosted on Bluehost on the 2nd of November. because other than this goal list keeping you in check it also attracts those things you want and calls them into reality. The list can involve financial goals, spiritual goals, habits to overcome and honestly anything, tailor your list according to your needs.


Nigerian Fashion Blogger. How To style a waist coat. Nigerian male fashion blogger

Let go of toxic things, people and emotions, sometimes a person or emotion on its own isn’t bad per se but is just bad for you and could be holding you back from being so much more. I’ve become a little bit too good with letting go of people when i realize that they aren’t helping or improving me. This year i’m not just letting go of people and emotions, i’m letting go of old books, clothes, gadgets and basically everything that isn’t of any particular importance to me. (I’m also wondering if maybe to do a giveaway fro some items or just donate them to social welfare because there are always people out there in need of what you have and this is the season for giving). And frankly, I’ve grown so much and i have developed the habit of culitvating only relationships that help me out (Cue Kanye West ‘Gold-digger’ lol).

Deciding to Only Go After Things Of Relevance

Nigerian Fashion Blogger, Vincent Desmond, How to get ready for the new year, new year resolutions

The reason i’m adding this is first to tell you, fellow creative, entreprenur,student or whatever you may be – that life is way too short to obsess or go after irrelevant things or give your pretty self headaches over something petty. 2018 is our year to glow and rake in some serious dough, i didn’t realize how important it was to decide this until halfway into 2017 and when i did, i started picking my battles; sometimes simple things like ignoring someone’s irrelevant tweet on you timeline or getting pissed over people talking behind you can be the key to your happiness.Look at a situation and think; does this help me become a better person, does it help my spiritual life,does it build me up finiacially? trust me, if you think like this you’ll realize a great percentage of things that irritate you will stop and with less stress,you’ll glow even more and have more energy to focus on things like building yourself up.


I sure do hope this post was helpful and makes you start making some changes and prepare for a much better 2018.

How are you preparing for the new year? How was 2017 to you? Do you prefer giveaways or donating to social welfare?ย 

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