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                   Dear Stylish Nerd,

We are such a tech-savvy and digital generation, with a great portion of our life spent with our gadgets and a great part of our lives are on our gadgets. Nowadays, businesses, families, relationships, faith and pretty much any thing you can think about are on our phones and gadgets and can be manipulated or handled with one click or the other. 

I’m not particularly an ‘app person’ and I more often than not stick to my tested and tried apps, in today’s post, I’ll be sharing with you guys the apps on my phone that always has me glued to my phone and that I can’t live without because they make my life easier with just a few clicks.


I mentioned this app here, I downloaded this app while looking for an alternative to Spotify, while I still haven’t linked or created a Spotify account what i absolutely love about this app is the Radio options, you don’t need to link it to your earpiece or anything, just click and enjoy what comes on.


I think VSCO is the most hyped Photo editing app out there, and with good reason. Almost every Instagram photographer has used VSCO at one point or the other, and that’s simply because the VSCO filters (which is what I mostly use VSCO for)  are so amazing, and if tweaked right honestly works magic.


Airbrush is basically a free version of Facetune, it let’s you use and enjoy pretty much all the options on Facetune for free. Airbrush can be used to get rid of acne, smoothen your face etc I personally use it for the whitening tool to de-saturate aspects of pictures I feel are too warm.


I’m pretty sure you guys are tired of hearing me go on and on about this app. All I can see is that this app is the TRUTH.


I don’t use PicsArt to edit my pictures much, I mostly use it just to collage pictures and very little tweaks.


I love this app so so much. It’s an amazing video editing app, I love how easy it is to use and it has several options and creates appropriate dimensions depending on what you want to use the video for, whether Instagram, YouTube,  Instastories etc.  I use this app for my Instastories (For those of you still asking, here’s your answer) and unlike other video editing apps, this one let’s me crop the videos so it fits right in my stories as well as add texts and music.

You may not know this about me but I really really can’t go a day without listening to music. Soundcloud grants you access to a lot of songs but most especially undiscovered talents which I’ve come to realize usually have amazing lyrical depth, perfect beat and modernity which I honestly lack lol.


YouVersion is for the modern day Christian who doesn’t want to miss their daily dose of The Word. Personally, my day is never like the other so it tends to affect me using this app like I want to. However, i can tell you that several times I’ve gone on this app while in a taxi or class and It has lifted my spirit or given me some spiritual  encouragement.


If you’re like me and love a well-curated Instagram feed then Planoly is the app for you. The app let’s you see what your feed looks like and helps you know if a particular picture will be cohesive with your feed or If it will ruin your feed. What I love most about using this app is that since you are planning ahead of time you’ll almost never wake-up one morning with nothing to post.

So there you go guys, some of my favorite apps. I hope this gives you a little insight into what they do and you’ll know what app to download for what.

How’s everyone’s week going? What’s your favorite app? Do leave a comment.

7 thoughts on “What’s On My Phone ”

  1. I use preview in place of planoly. I downloaded soundcloud to listen to my girls’ podcast. How did I not know I can use it for music too?*covereyes*

    I think it’s only melody and Youversion I do not have. I should even declutter my Apps today, too many of it that I do not use.

  2. I use facetune for my edits, it’s my best of every editing app so far. I recently paid for a premium version and realized that the options are huge. You can literally change the entire backdrop professionally. This is very useful to me cause I’m also a fashion retailer IG:@solutionsfashions.
    Then iMovie is the real baby girl for life. A lot more

  3. I have only PicsArt on my phone lool. I used to have VSCO and Snapseed but I had to delete them because space problems. I didn’t miss them so I’d probably not download again but I need to download the Youversion app. I’ve heard too many good things about it. My favourite app is UB Reader! You already know what it does lol. Nothing very special which goes to say I have the most mundane apps on my phone.
    Why Don’t You Have A Business?

  4. I have only PicsArt lool. I used to have VSCO and Snapseed but I had to delete them because space issues but I don’t think I’d download them again because I barely used them. I have to get this Youversion app, I’ve heard lots of amazing things. Favourite app on my phone is UB Reader. You already know what it does, lool. This goes to say I have the most mundane apps. I don’t even have a game on it!
    Why Don’t You Have A Business?

  5. I have never understood VSCO to be honest, I kuku just use my Snapseed and I’m off.
    I should try Planoly, sounds really legit. Me, I am off to download Airbrush, thank you
    I love Medium!! It helps me read so much and the articles make me so much of a better person, I love it!
    Thank you for sharing Vincent!

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